Official Communications, Protocols & Event Management Seminar


Seminar Overview

This one-day seminar explores all the essential aspects of how to make the best impression with formal communications and get the most out of your event management. From how to write and address appropriate correspondence with dignitaries and sponsors, to assuring corporate and diplomatic protocols are maintained, this unique seminar is designed to ensure that your organization’s professionalism and reputation are unequalled in understanding an esteemed client and stakeholder base.

Aims and Outline

The seminar aims to provide participants with high-level specifi skills and competencies to be able to function effectively both with Romanian and international partners.

Specifially, the seminar addresses:
Written protocols: the language and use of e-correspondence versus formal letters; different language registers for stakeholders, sponsors, and dignitaries; preparing invitations letters, drafting welcome addresses and speeches; preparing meeting/event /dignitary briefs; taking event/meeting minutes and reports; preparing post-event followup documentation and letters.
Event protocols: how to organize an offiial lunch, dinner, sponsored or PR event, including welcoming protocols, seating arrangements, security, culturally sensitive menus and entertainment, corporate and political identity, and organizational time-line management.

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