Interviewing Skills (P284)



Seminar Outline

This one-day seminar is held at our Pitman Training Centre in Bucharest. It is suitable for people with recruitment responsibilities needing to brush up their staff interviewing techniques or who are new to interviewing and need to learn relevant skills. It is an ideal course for those involved in staff selection who wants to be sure of selecting the right candidate.

During this seminar you will learn:

  • How to plan and prepare for different types of interview
  • The benefits and application of competency based interviewing
  • How to understand which questions can and cannot be asked
  • Tips to improve the way you interview
  • How to end the interview and shortlist effectively
  • How to use CVs, job descriptions and person specs in interviewing
  • Using an appropriate style of communication for interviewing
  • Asking the right questions to get the information you want
  • Balancing getting the right candidate with selling the job
  • How to close the interview.

At present, we don't have a seminar scheduled on your selected subject. However, as our programme is constantly changing, there may well be one planned in the near future. We also offer a full range courses on many different subjects, which may suit your needs. Please call us to find out how we can help you get the skills you need.

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