English Language Skills Assessment (ELSA)



ELSA (English Language Skills Assessment) is a diagnostic tool covering the 4 language skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing. ELSA cover all levels of English language ability from very low to very high (Council of Europe A1 to C2) on a single scale for each skill. In their diff erent formats, ELSA tests combine the proven advantages of traditional examiner-based assessments for Speaking and Writing (Writing 2) with the precision, speed and convenience of multiple-choice tests for Listening, Reading and Writing (Writing 1). The ELSA tests are flexible in that candidates can choose to do any combination of assessments. They are available On Demand and as either on-screen or paper based assessments.



< To measure general English language competence using work, home, social and travel settings

< To test a person’s ability to understand and communicate in the real world

< To present a skills-based (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) interpretation of English language ability


ELSA Topics

ELSA tests a wide range of vocabulary, structures and situations, from simple to complex, enabling learners at any stage of language development to demonstrate their ability. The situations and contexts that appear in

ELSA tests reflect everyday English as it is used:

< in the workplace

< when travelling, shopping and socialising

< in the media

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