English for Commerce (EfC) Level 3


This qualification is intended for candidates who have achieved a thorough understanding of work or business-related English and an extended competence in interacting (speaking and listening) with English-speakers in a work or business context. Candidates will be expected to be at the Common European Framework Vantage Level (B2).



The aims of this qualification are to enable candidates to develop speaking and listening skills in English in order to:

< understand a range of work or business related information and/or instructions and to respond appropriately

< produce a range of language when responding which will be clearly understood by a listener


Syllabus Topics

< Extensive social language within a business context

< Routine and non-routine jobs, roles and relationships in a work context

< Routine and non-routine work or business-related information, instructions and directions

< Additional work or business-related operations


Guided Learning Hours: 140 - 160

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