English for Business (EfB) Level 4


This qualification is intended for candidates who have reached a standard of productive English usage which will create an extremely good impression of their language skills. There would be no need for close supervision and scrutiny of the English of a successful candidate at this level. Linguistic and stylistic errors of all types will be rare.

This examination will test linguistic skills and business knowledge at an advanced level. The techniques for handling, displaying, interpreting, transferring and reformulating information already introduced at the previous levels will be utilised for more advanced tasks. The qualification consists of a mandatory reading and writing exam and optional speaking and listening exams.


The aims of this qualification are to enable candidates to develop the ability to:

< understand authentic business texts

< write English in a wide variety of ways within an extensive range of business contexts

< listen and understand business-related material such as conversations, announcements, short talks, and news bulletins

< give clear, detailed oral descriptions and presentations on complex subjects

< express themselves orally in a clear and appropriate style on business or professional matters

Syllabus Topics

< Reading and comprehending an authentic text and producing a piece of business writing related to this text

< Writing business texts from given information

< Reformulating and reformatting texts from one text type to another –specifically text to précis and digital/graphical/numerical information to text

< Extending and producing completed texts in a range of contrasting genres


Guided Learning Hours: 140 - 160

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