English for Business (EfB) Level 3



This qualification is intended for candidates who have achieved a sound understanding of English in a business context, equivalent to Council of Europe B1 (Threshold) level, gained either through previous learning or employment or both. This qualification is intended for candidates who have reached a standard in English usage which will enable them to write acceptable English without employer embarrassment. The qualification consists of a mandatory reading and writing exam and optional speaking and listening exams.



The aims of this qualification are to enable candidates to develop the ability to:

< understand and write English used in a variety of ways within a range of business contexts

< employ appropriate business formats and styles to produce a range of business documents for different audiences and purposes

< understand spoken and recorded Business English at the defined level

< participate in conversations and discussions

< make an oral presentation on a business-related topic


Syllabus Topics

< Composing a business letter

< Drafting an internal company report

< Business-related text comprehension

< Business-related text and data conversion and reformulation


Guided Learning Hours: 140 - 160


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