English for Accounting Level 3


The Level 3 Award in English for Accounting helps students to develop and demonstrate their English language skills in the context of book-keeping and accounting. The qualification is intended for non-native English speakers working or intending to work in an accounts related function where they have to communicate using book-keeping and accounting vocabulary and terminology in English at CEF B2 level.



The aims of the qualification are to enable candidates to develop an ability to understand and apply the specific vocabulary, terminology and abbreviations generally used in written accounting contexts at the Council of Europe B2 level.


Syllabus Topics

The target lexis is based on the frequency of its occurrence in written accounting texts and will cover the following areas:

< Financial reports and statements (e.g. balance sheets, profit and loss statements, annual reports)

< Internal company documents (eg purchase orders, budget planning, cost control)

< Accounting software documentation

< Auditing documentation

< Book-keeping documentation

< International taxation documentation

< Corporate governance documentation


Guided Learning Hours: 50 - 60


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