Dealing with Difficult People




Are there some people with whom you have difficulty working? It may be your boss, a colleague, a member of your staff or even a customer. Do you find situations difficult to handle? Perhaps you dislike conflict, but by avoiding it you are left feeling that others are taking advantage of you. Perhaps you find it hard to manage your emotions or do not know what to do when other people express theirs. These are just some of the areas where our dealing with difficult people and situations seminar can help.


This one-day seminar is for individuals who want to be more confident and professional when dealing with difficult people and situations at work - customers, colleagues or supervisors. It will help you;

  • Understand behaviour and its effects
  • Develop communication skills that help deal effectively with difficult situations
  • Recognise three different behaviour types
  • Deal more confidently with difficult situations so that no one feels a 'loser'.

You will also learn the characteristics of three main behaviour types - assertive, aggressive and passive. Using this framework to understand behaviour, you will explore your own difficult people and situations.


The seminar also helps you understand the other person's behaviour and the effect it has on you. You will also look at your own behaviour and consider how it might affect others. In addition, the course covers specific strategies for managing conflict situations. These include active listening, stating your position effectively and managing emotions in yourself and others.


By gaining insights into the interpersonal dynamics of your difficult situations, you will be able to identify changes that could help to transform your difficult relationships.


In summary, you will learn how to;

  • Use your increased understanding of human behaviour and its effects on others
  • Utilise specific communication skills that will help control difficult situations
  • Identify passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour, and the effect of this behaviour on others
  • Adopt a professional and appropriate style of behaviour when handling difficult situations
  • Handle confrontation.


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